Lexington City Leaders Expand Commercial Opportunities In Retail Zone

Nov 2, 2018

Credit uky.edu

Lexington city leaders are moving to expand development opportunities in one zoning category, in anticipation of changing retail buying habits. 

The B6P zone has traditionally been a shopping center designation.  The change in the planning and zoning text allows for multi-family along with hotel and motel construction.  Lexington Planning Director Jim Duncan says, think of Fayette Mall 20 years down the road. “When perhaps big box retail is not as important as it is, but yet that’s still a destination, a center where people go.  So, if you have other land use options besides retail, if you include residential and maybe some sort of community center type option, then those sites remain viable and contributing to the community,” said Duncan.

Duncan says a current applicant is interested in building a motel in one of more than 30 B6P zones, this one located in the Hamburg area.