Lexington City Leaders Discuss Panhandling

Apr 19, 2017

Credit wkyt.com

Panhandling in Lexington received a thorough discussion Tuesday at City Hall.  Mayor Jim Gray says he’s held three meetings on the issue over the last week and a half.

The mayor says he gathered a task force of sorts and recommendations will be coming to council.  One member, Fred Brown says his wife was harassed in a parking lot. “They’re not only holding signs up now. They’re approaching the vehicles and knocking on the windows,” said Brown.

Police Chief Mark Barnard says he received 25 pictures of panhandlers on streets this past weekend.  He says many are not Lexington citizens, “We have a younger group of people who have come in to Lexington that we’re identifying and encountering."

The chief stresses anyone feeling harassed should call 911 for assistance.  Vice Mayor Steve Kay says there are resources readily available for homeless people.  Kay says to stop giving money to those on street corners and that will reduce the panhandling activity.