Lexington Celebrates Day Of The Dead

Oct 31, 2018

Hundreds of people are expected to honor loved ones who’ve died at a ceremony at Lexington’s Living Arts and Science Center .Day of the Dead is an ancient tradition.

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead has its roots in Indigenous tribes in Mexico . Jeffrey Nichols , director of Lexington’s Living Arts and Science Center says the event is family friendly and is meant  to celebrate life while remembering those who’ve gone before us.

“This holiday  is really about uniting families cross generational,both living and non. It’s such a beautiful event. And ultimately it’s about love.”

Nichols says the main component is the “Ofrenda” or offering which is a collection of items on a ritual  altar  to welcome the deceased loved one.Although the holiday is called Day of the Dead it is celebrated November 1 and  2. November 1 is to honor little angels or children who’ve died. November 2nd is meant for all adults who’ve passed away.

Lexington’s  colorful Day of the Dead celebration which will  include music, singing and dancing.