Legislation Modifies Kentucky Veterinary Student Placement

Jan 24, 2020

Credit preprofessional.eku.edu

A Taylorsville state lawmaker is working to have Kentucky’s contractual arrangement with two Alabama universities for veterinary education written into law.  Currently, reference to the 38 slots at Auburn and 3 at Tuskegee is found only within state budget language. 

Citing the importance of veterinary medicine to large animal farmers, horse owners and breeders, and household pet owners, Representative James Tipton wants to establish the Veterinary Contract Spaces Program. “I think it’s important just to put that into statute.  I think it gives the program more credence, more viability, for the long term which is very essential for Kentucky,” said Tipton.

For years, the state of Kentucky has paid the difference between in and out of state tuition at these vet schools for students in the 41 slots.  Tipton doesn’t anticipate any expansion of the Kentucky slots anytime soon.  The measure awaits action in the Kentucky House.

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