Lawmakers: More Get-a-Long Than Bickering During the Beshear Administration

Jan 12, 2015


Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has repeatedly said he and the legislature demonstrate the ability to get along and be productive.  That point was driven home again last week in the governor's State of the Commonwealth Address.

House Majority Floor Leader rocky Adkins, who's rumored to be considering a run for governor himself, tends to agree with that assessment.  "I think the governor has worked very hard to try his best to create, massage, develop a relationship; not only in the House chamber with our leadership," said Adkins. "But, he's worked very hard with senate leadership, trying to develop the relationship you have to have to get things done." 

Veteran GOP Senator Albert Robinson agrees. "As a republican, you know, there would naturally be some disagreement," Robinson said.  "But I do not condemn him for that. I think he's a fine man and in his own way he's trying to do what he thinks best." 

Lawmakers will return to Frankfort in early February for the bulk of the 2015 legislative session.​