Last Leg Of Lexington's Newtown Pike Extension In The Works

Jul 7, 2019


The Lexington city council is moving forward with work to complete the Newtown Pike Extension Project.  The last leg runs from Oliver Lewis Way to Scott Street off of Limestone. 

The project was initially proposed to meet up with administration drive at the University of Kentucky.  Lexington Environmental Quality and Public Works Commissioner Nancy Albright said that proved very difficult. “That created a lot more challenges than both UK and the city and the cabinet were all willing to take on.  That really requires a lot of right of way and a lot of rebuilding, both administration drive Scott Street and figuring out how those two line up cause they are offset by about a half block,” noted Albright.

Council has given first reading approval to applying for more than $26 million in federal grant funds to complete the extension.  Albright says the proposal calls for the contract to be awarded by the fall of 2021.