Ky. House Majority to be Determined on November Ballot

Oct 20, 2016

With fewer than three weeks before Election Day, Kentucky lawmakers on opposing sides of the aisle have differing views about the likelihood of a change in the state's House majority.  The GOP has been eyeing the 100-member chamber for years.


Senate President Robert Stivers is expressing optimism about the House flipping to Republican control.  Admitting it will be very close on November eighth, the GOP leader contends the Republicans will only pick up seats in the House.  “If the races were run today, I think they would probably be in a three to five vote majority,” said Stivers.

Lexington House Democrat Kelly Flood doesn’t see it that way.  She believes presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign tactics could hurt his support in Kentucky.  “We now see a potential depressed voter,” argued Flood.  “I think the House is going to stay in Democratic hands.”

Democrats in the Kentucky House currently hold a six seat advantage over Republicans.​