Ky. Governor Urges Lawmakers from 15 States to be Shepherds, not Sheep.

Jul 11, 2016

Credit WEKU News

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is urging lawmakers from 15 southern states including his own to be competent, capable, and bold.  Bevin offered his thoughts to participants at the 70th Southern Legislative Conference meeting in Lexington.  “We have increasingly in this country become agnostic as it relates to any number of things, our mores, our values, our principles, our convictions, our love of liberty.  We’ve become fairly apathetic,” noted Bevin.

Bevin called upon legislators from the southern region of the country to be shepherds ,not sheep.  During Monday’s general session, those attending also heard from Lexington Mayor Jim Gray.  The mayor alluded to the turbulence of the last week with shooting deaths of citizens following police response and the sniper style killings of five Dallas police officers.   Gray says many clergy in Lexington and other communities across the state spoke in pulpits about events last week.  “And they preached about unity, and healing, and peace in the aftermath of tragedy and tension and a lot of grieving.  For that, I know that we all owe them a debt of gratitude,” said Gray.

The Southern Legislative Conference, in downtown Lexington, wraps up Tuesday. ​