Kentucky's First LGBTQ Historical Markers Unveiled

Jun 4, 2018

Kentucky’s first LGBTQ historical markers were unveiled Sunday in Lexington.

The first marker located on east Main Street commemorates the longest continuously occupied LGBTQ gathering space in Kentucky which is among the oldest in the U.S. according to  Kentucky Historical Society’s Dr. Andrew Patrick.

“ We’re very excited about this being the first LGBTQ historical marker in the state of Kentucky. The first explicitly. And I think its part and parcel of this broadening of the historical stories being told on markers like this. So I think it’s a good sign post on this road to a more inclusive version of the commemorative landscape. 

Patrick says the other marker recognizes the  1992 Supreme Court decision that decriminalized homosexuality in the state. This  marker commemorating Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Jeffrey Wasson is located Water Street.  

The Faulker- Morgan Archive and JustFundKy  sponsored the markers and were a big part of putting Sunday’s unveiling ceremony together.

Dr. Patrick says Kentucky has about 22 hundred historical markers.