Kentucky Tourism Officials Promoting Food Across the Commonwealth

Oct 23, 2014


Kentucky's Department of Travel and Tourism is working to expand culinary tourism across the state.  Officials are launching the food focused website Department Spokeswoman Scottie Ellis says the goal is to get in on the front end of culinary tourism.  "You know food is a necessary part of everyday life, but it is a very big part of travel.  If you have a bad meal, it could ruin your entire experience," said Ellis.

The announcement came this week at the Kentucky Travel Industry Association's annual fall conference.  State Department of Travel and Tourism Spokeswoman Scottie Ellis says there's already been some attention given to eastern Kentucky foods.  "Eastern Kentucky at this time, as we all know, really needs some positive attention and the Appalachia history that goes with their food and their recipes is just such a unique story to tell," added Ellis.

Efforts to raise culinary tourism were kicked off in July when 47 food destinations in eastern Kentucky were recognized in the national map guide, Bon Appetite Appalachia.  Ellis says the guide includes references to restaurants, farms, farmers markets, craft breweries, and food festivals.​