Kentucky State Police Update Computer Dispatching

Dec 2, 2019


Kentucky State Police posts are undergoing an update of their computer assisted dispatching systems, or CAD.  The new CAD system recently went live at the Frankfort police post and updates have been made at most posts throughout Kentucky. 

KSP 911 Coordinator Kevin Woosley said the improvements tie all dispatching systems together. “If there is a multi-county event that spreads over two posts, they’re able to put all the information together everybody has the same information at the same time,” said Woosely. "What that does is tell the dispatcher what the location of the trooper is.  So, we’re able to send the closest trooper to an incident.  If we have a complaint that comes in, it will populate on a map and then on that same map it will tell us where our troopers are,” explained Woosley. 

The state police spokesman said the upfront the cost of implemention the system is nearly $1 million and should be complete by April 2020. 

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