Kentucky State Police Dedicate New Training Academy Complex

Apr 27, 2015

Credit Kentucky State Police


A new fully operational state police training academy is now up and running in Frankfort.  The official dedication Monday marked the transition from incarceration to law enforcement instruction.

The ceremony recognized the completion of the $4.5 million conversion.  KSP Academy Commander David Jude says the capital city site used to be home to a minimum security prison.  Jude says, come May 24, the first cadet class will be living and training on site.  "We have training space, an indoor training facility, simulator rooms, class rooms,” said Jude.  “Just the capabilities that we have on this campus are beyond anything that we had previously."

Jude says the first cadet class to live and train on site comes to the academy on May 24.  He says concerns about certain law enforcement tactics deserve attention.  "Those are issues that we have to address in training and make sure as new cadets enter into our doors that they understand the agency that they work for holds those topics to be very sincere and it's our intent and our goal that we put out the best product that we possibly can," added Jude.

Jude says KSP officials believe the law enforcement agency provides a professional service across the state.  He says the Frankfort academy complex allows state police to have even more professional training. ​