Kentucky Senate Unanimously Backs Organ Donation Bill

Feb 8, 2019


The Kentucky Senate has unanimously approved legislation expected to boost the number of organ donors in the Commonwealth.  Currently, donors sign up when they apply or renew their driver’s license.  But, the new Real ID legislation extends the renewal requirement from four to eight years. 

The bill, passed by the Senate Thursday, puts the opportunity to sign up to donate organs on the state government website used to enroll in various services.  Shelley Snyder is director of Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust for Life. “I think this is going to mean we’re going to save more lives than ever before.  We are going to have more people given the opportunity to register as an organ donor than Kentucky’s ever had,” said Snyder.

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates Chief Executive Officer Julie Bergen says a large number of people across the Commonwealth use the state online gateway portal. “There’s about 1.1 million people who use the Kentucky online gateway for their services right now and that’s expected to grow over the next several years as online registrations for licensures and other needs become more and more popular.  And so, we anticipate the access number will be even higher,” Bergen said.

Bergen says a kidney is the most needed organ in Kentucky and around the country.