Kentucky Senate Passes Waste Site Notifications Bill

Feb 12, 2019

file photo-Firefighter Attend to Recycling Facility Fire Last June in Winchester
Credit Lexington Herald-Leader

A bill requiring the state to notify local government officials when there are violations at a hazardous waste site won unanimous approval in the Senate Monday.

The legislation is sponsored by Winchester Senator Ralph Alvarado who reminded his colleagues of a major fire at a Clark County recycling center last summer.

“These violations were not corrected and the facility suffered a fire that burned a large number of tires and flammable liquids that were present on automobiles and were stored on the side of the facility. This fire burned for about three days and led to many concerns and questions from residents who lived and have agricultural land nearby,” noted Alvarado. 

The bill was amended to include notifications involving violations at landfills. That change was suggested by Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer who said there are problems at the Scott County landfill.  “A stench that is starting to permeate all of northern Scott County, almost up to Sadieville. You can smell it on I-75 when you drive by and my constituents are angry,” said Thayer. 

Thayer said some of the problems at the landfill could have possibly been addressed earlier if local officials had knowledge sooner.