Kentucky Senate Passes 'Transgender Bathroom Bill'

Feb 27, 2015


The Kentucky Senate has acted to require public school students to use the bathroom of their biological sex.  Much of the committee discussion centered on a Louisville high school's decision to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identity.  The bill is sponsored by Senator C.B. Embry of Morgantown.  "This bill is about student privacy; it also deals with choices, common sense," said Embry.

Paducah Senator Danny Carrol argued that the concerns of students who not feel comfortable sharing restrooms with transgender students, need to be considered.

Opponents, like Lexington Senator Reggie Thomas, said the bill is unfair and treats people differently.  Frankfort Senator Julian Carrol voted against the measure.  "We are actually, in effect, encouraging and enhancing the opportunity for students to start bullying another student over this very issue," said Carrol.

The bill passed out of the Republican controlled Senate with a vote of 27 to 9.  It now heads to the Democratic-led House where Speaker Greg Stumbo predicts it will not pass that chamber. ​