Kentucky Senate Passes Terrorism Related Measure

Feb 2, 2018

file photo
Credit Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate has unanimously backed legislation making  terrorism a capital offense in Kentucky.  The bill sponsor says it’s a measure focusing on victim compensation and not terrorism prevention.

Senate Bill 57 creates a state statue to allow a person injured by an act of terrorism to file a claim for damages against the terrorist or terrorist organization.  Campbellsville Senator Max Wise says the measure amounts to a crime victims’ bill. “We know most of the times the investigation would be handled by the federal government for investigating terrorism.  This is not an investigative measure,” said Wise.  “This is more of a seeking damages measure.”


The senate approved an amendment offered by Hopkinsville Senator Whitney Westerfield that removed any possibility that civil damages be capped.  Although voting yes, Senate Minority Leader Ray Jones said the state constitution provides for recovery of all damages.  The Pike County senator called the bill mostly an act of public relations.