Kentucky Senate Passes School Safety Bill

Feb 8, 2019

Western Kentucky Senator Danny Carroll Speaking Before the Senate Friday About School Safety Measure
Credit Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate unanimously passed a school safety bill Friday. It was eight months in the making following a school shooting in Marshall County which claimed two students’ lives and injured several others.

The comprehensive bill, among other things, calls for more mental health counselors, more training, establishing a state school security marshal and district school safety coordinators. Campbellsville Senator Max Wise co-chaired the school safety working group. He told senators the bill hardens and softens the approach to school safety. “The relationships within the schools are the key of every part of this bill, the relationships that are developed,” said Wise.

Although speaking highly of the work and the end product, Franklin County Senator Julian Carrol said lawmakers don’t like to use the word “gun” in their discussions.  “We’ve not yet dealt with the issue of the loss of the life of the student by a weapon,” noted Carrol.

Senator Danny Carol represents the Marshall County community. He told his colleagues it’s important to step up and help students seen struggling in the school atmosphere.   “We talked about many school districts that, they make it a point that every day that every student is called by their first name at least twice a day. To make those students feel loved, respected like they are wanted in that school.” 

More than one senator called passage a first step. Funding for the multi-faceted school safety bill will be considered a year from now.