Kentucky Senate Leader Says Bevin Right To Seek Vote Confirmation

Nov 6, 2019

Gov. Matt Bevin has declined to concede the election and is planning to ask for ballots to be canvassed or recounted.
Credit WVPublicMedia

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers said Gov. Matt Bevin’s election night message was appropriate.

In that speech, Bevin said several times in different ways, he is not conceding in his race with Attorney General Andy Beshear although the Democrat had more votes. Beshear did claim victory last night. Stivers says the third person in the race for governor, Libertarian John Hicks impacted the election significantly.

“There was a third party involved that got 25,000 votes which is the difference by far. And I think most of those libertarian votes would have gone to governor.”

The state senate leader said Bevin could call for a vote re-canvass, a recount or contest the results. Stivers said the third action could eventually put the matter before the Kentucky senate. It's worth the effort, he said. 

“Are there ballots that should be disqualified or should there be ballots to be counted? Generally the presumption is you try to count all votes.”

 Stivers said it’s hard to say how long any of these challenges would take.​

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