Kentucky Senate Approves Voter ID Bill

Jan 24, 2020

Senator Robby Mills Explains Voter Photo ID Bill
Credit Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate has approved the so called voter photo-ID bill.  The legislation requires in-person voters to present a photo ID at polling places.

Without an ID, a voter could show a social security, credit, or debit card and sign a statement affirming reasonable impediments to obtaining the photo identification.  Northern Kentucky Senator John Schickel sought to dismiss the contention such a law would drive down voting. “Voter suppression.  Give me a break.  What ever happened to just a little bit, not much, just a little bit of personal responsibility,” said Schickel.

Opponents argued the legislation is not needed.  Senate Minority Floor Leader Morgan McGarvey.  “We have zero instances of in-person voter fraud with the law we have now.  Government has been proactive on this front and it’s working,” noted McGarvey.

Lexington Senator Reggie Thomas argued some would-be voters without a photo ID might not have the reasonable impediment standards such as work schedules, affordability, or a disability.  The legislation also provides for casting a provisional ballot to be followed up with a visit to the county clerk’s office to confirm identity.

Bill Sponsor Robby Mills of Henderson told his colleagues anything the senate could do to increase the public’s confidence in the election process is well worth the time and money.  For income eligible people, Mills says the measure calls for the state to cover the cost of a free photo ID.

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