Kentucky’s Universities Discuss Campus Safety

Sep 3, 2015


Eight public universities and six private schools are collaborating on ways to increase safety on all their campuses.  The University of Kentucky hosted the Assessing Campus Climate Conference Thursday. Northern Kentucky University Associate Dean of Students, Ann James says, sexual assault is an issue at every school.  “We’re concerned,” said James. “I mean we’re no different than any other campus. NKU has as much a problem as anybody else does.  And now we’re gonna actually be able to get our minds around what is our actual population that has been impacted.”

James says NKU officials conducted a campus climate survey last spring.  She says it was not mandatory as established in the University of Kentucky’s campus wide survey.

Midway University Director of Residence Life and Community Service Elizabeth Dansbury says the private school can benefit from this type of survey.  “The biggest benefit is getting the information and finding out where our weak spots are and how we can shore those up, see where we are excelling and how to make our students feel safe and making sure that they generally are safe,” said Dansbury.

The University of Kentucky earlier this week released findings from its campus safety climate survey. ​