Kentucky Medical Association Says Social Distancing Most Pressing Need

Mar 25, 2020

KMA President Dr. Brent Wright

The Head of the Kentucky Medical Association says the most pressing need when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic is social distancing.

Dr. Brent Wright practices family medicine in Glasgow.  He said testing the entire population for coronavirus is not feasible, which would indicate where infection is focused around the country.

“And because we do not have that visibility through testing, we’re blind.  And, without knowing where the infection is we have to use old practices to fight infection and disease such as quarantine, isolation, social distancing, and hygiene, hand washing,” said Wright.

Dr. Wright noted the public has been exposed to important messaging about preventive steps, but he would still like to see greater utilization of messaging.  The Barren County physician added every individual needs to take the virus and threat seriously, because the spread of it could result in a fatality.  

Wright said wide public support of these social distancing measures can also help ensure there are enough doctors available across the state to care for patients needing medical attention.​ 

Here's an extensive interview with Dr. Wright beginning with the question of what is the most pressing issue surrounding coronavirus in Kentucky right now: