Kentucky House Speaker Says Election Results Reaffirm GOP Policy Decisions

Nov 7, 2018

People Prepare To Vote at a Lexington Precinct Tuesday
Credit Stu Johnson

Come January, the political makeup in Kentucky’s House of Representatives will remain virtually unchanged, although faces will change. 

The leader of the 100 member chamber views election results as an endorsement of GOP actions.

House Speaker David Osborne called the legislative outcomes “gratifying” after what he termed a difficult two year period.  A change in leadership following sexual harassment allegations coupled with strong teacher reaction to pension changes made for a challenging time.  

But, voters decided to let the GOP keep a super majority in the House.  Osborne was asked if Republicans can maintain control, say over the next decade. “Look, it’s up to us to continue to perform, just as it was two years ago when we got a mandate from Kentucky voters when they gave us 64 members, we delivered on that mandate.  And it will be up to us the next two years to continue to do that,” said Osborne.

House Democratic Minority Leader Rocky Adkins released a statement to supporters saying, in part, quote, “While I wish we had a better overall outcome, I am proud of the hard fought victories we had in many districts.”​