Kentucky Fire Commission Hosts Camp For Junior Firefighters

Nov 5, 2018

Teenagers from all across Kentucky participated in the third annual Junior Firefighter Camp this past weekend in London.  It was sponsored by the Kentucky Fire Commission and the State Fire Rescue Training.


  Camp instrucctors teach 15 to 17 year olds several techniques used in firefighting included skills in ventilation, forcible entry and various fire ground operations.


Jeremy Rodgers, program co-coordinator for the Kentucky Fire Commission says the hope is to help provide recruitment and retention for local volunteer fire departments.


“ There is a shortage always of volunteer fire fighters across the state, really across the country as a whole. There is a constant need for fire fighters in both career and volunteer settings So this is a program we started to try and boost that.”


 Rodgers co-coordinator of the program says another fire camp is being offered in March in Western Kentucky. 


“They’ll  do ventilation, which means we’ll teach them how to safely go to a roof, cut a hole in the roof to let hot gases and smoke escape from a structure. They’ll get to experience rope rescue, then proper hose handling and nozzle operations when fighting fire.”


More than 60 campers from across the state took part in the camp.Several instructors from Kentucky and beyond led their expertise to the weekend.