Kentucky Employers Are Hiring More Refugees

Dec 26, 2017

Ayoub Musa, a refugee from the Sudan, found work at a manufacturing plant after relocating to Louisville.
Credit Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Finding employees can be difficult in some parts of Kentucky and employers are increasing looking to the refugee population to fill the void.

According to a report from the Catholic Charities of Louisville, the 90 day retention rate for refugee employees in Kentucky was 92 percent in fiscal year 2017. Jon Crosby is a field representative for U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Bowling Green. Crosby says manufacturers across the state have told him they want to employ more refugees. 

“They’re coming in to work, they’re ready to work they want to come back every day.” 

Crosby says another reason many manufacturers want to hire refugees is because they can pass a drug test. He says the narrative that refugees are taking jobs from native-born Americans isn’t accurate. Crosby says many refugees are creating their own employment through entrepreneurship.