Kentucky District Four State House Candidates Barnes and Bechler on Minimum Wage

Oct 29, 2018



Republican Representative Lynn Bechler is seeking his fourth term in the District Four State House.
Credit Creative Commons

The debate over raising Kentucky’s minimum wage was a topic in a recent forum featuring District Four State House candidates.

Republican Representative Lynn Bechler is seeking his fourth term against Democratic attorney Abigail Barnes. Bechler said increasing the minimum wage would prevent young people from getting jobs.

“I think we would be doing a disservice to our young people if we raised it and kept them out of the workforce,” said Bechler.

Democratic Attorney Abigail Barnes, District Four State House candidate.
Credit Facebook / Democratic Attorney Abigail Barnes

Barnes said she’d “look very closely” at legislation to raise the minimum wage so that workers can earn a living wage and working families are not on welfare.

NPR reported in July teen unemployment has been declining for years due to a variety of factors, including competition from older workers.

Legislation has been proposed over the years to increase Kentucky’s minimum wage, which is $7.25. 

District Four is Livingston, Crittenden, Caldwell counties and part of Christian County.