Kentucky Climatologist Calls 2016 'Roller Coaster Year'

Jan 11, 2017

Last week's storm followed by this week's warm weather shows the roller coaster is continuing in 2017.

Kentucky's climatologist said 2016 was a "roller coaster year" when it comes to weather. 

The early part of 2017 is likely to see above normal precipitation and temperatures.


State Climatologist Stuart Foster says 20-16 will likely take its place among the top five warmest years since 1895.  It’s a year that saw wet conditions into the summer turn drought-like in the fall.  Foster says the overnight low temperatures remained higher than usual during some of the summer months.  “We really did not experience the extreme high temperatures this summer,” Foster said. 

In fact, he says no community across Kentucky saw triple digit temperature readings this summer.

 While prospects for higher-than-normal precipitation the next few months could mean snow, Foster said it’s usually a quick-hitting storm that brings higher amounts of snow.  “You could have one major storm track where the temperature comes together and the precipitation ends up being frozen and you get a six, eight, ten inch snowfall,” explained Foster. 

 he said those kinds of weather events are hard to predict a few days out, let along on a seasonal basis.  ​