Kentucky Changes High School Graduation Requirements

Oct 3, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Kentucky Board of Education has signed off on new graduation requirements for high school students. Under the new standards, 10th grade students would have to meet minimum competency standards in reading and math tests. They could take the tests multiple times, but if they still can’t pass, they could appeal to their local superintendent. The Board of Education gave preliminary approval to the new requirements during a meeting in Frankfort today\yesterday. Chairman Hal Heiner said the revised standards are needed to ensure students are graduating college or career ready.

"The fact that our current classes are dramatically underperforming the nation when the value for education and skills is higher than ever, therein lies the sense of urgency behind our work."

Following a 30-day public comment period, the board will take a final vote on the regulations in December. Most of the new requirements would take effect with the fall 2019 freshman class. In other business, the board approved a contract that makes Wayne Lewis Kentucky's permanent education commissioner. The contract is for four years with an annual salary of $200,000.