Kentucky Chamber, Partners Creating Talent Pipelines to Fill Skills Gap in the Workforce

Jul 30, 2018

The commonwealth is gaining a new tool to help employers struggling to find 
workers with the skills they need. Kentucky is one of three states in the nation preparing to host statewide Talent Pipeline Management Academies created by the U.S. Chamber Foundation. Participating employers and education providers will use a data-driven approach to connect employers with workers. Beth Davisson is Executive Director of the Kentucky Chamber’s Workforce Center.

"We're going to focus on at least 75 critical positions that businesses are most looking for, and as we focus on those positions, we'll build the talent pipeline to meet the business needs."

The Talent Pipeline Management Academies will be located in every area of the state. Partners will include the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the state Workforce and Education Cabinet, local workforce investment boards, human resources groups, schools, colleges, and universities. Kentucky ranks 40th in the nation in workforce participation. The groups behind the new pipeline academies hope the new program will help improve that ranking.