Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Concerned about 2020 Census

Nov 27, 2017


Kentuckians for the Commonwealth hopes to raise awareness of the significance of an accurate count during the 2020 Census. 

The citizen-based activist organization cites a study done at George Washington University. 

The study contains a 50-state listing of funds directed to state and local governments using census data to determine allocations to a variety of health, education, transportation, and housing agencies. 

Rebecca Taylor is data analyst for Partners for Education based at Berea College.

“It’s not that an ineffective census will halt the types of services that we do.  We’ll still try to serve our regions, but it will take more time to get the information that we need to know where to start and what communities need what,” said Taylor.

The George Washington University study states the results of the 2020 Census are likely to guide the allocation of more than $9 billion in federal spending for Kentucky each year.​