The 'Joy' of Travel on Eastern Standard

May 23, 2017

It’s the time of year when people are either beginning holiday and summer travel or finalizing their plans.

On this week’s Eastern Standard, we’ll discuss the Joys of Travel, in light of recent events and changes, especially in the airline industry.


On this week's Eastern Standard: With memorial day and the summer months fast approaching, we invite our listeners to chat with our panel about the joys of travel.
Credit David Goldman/AP


Guests on this week's EST include:

Charlie Leocha: President of Traveler’s United, joining us via Skype from Virginia. He is a nationally recognized expert on affordable travel. He also has authored books, and founded Traveler’s United in 2009. He regularly testifies before Congress and serves on consumer advisory boards for DOT and TSA.

Kristen Brandscum: Commissioner of Kentucky Tourism and Graduate from the University of Kentucky, Kristen is also the Former commissioner of agriculture.

David and Kay Scott: Travel writing duo and married couple who currently write for CNHI news service, which provides their column to over 130 newspapers around the country. They have been traveling since the late 1960s and writing about it since the 1970s when they authored their first three-volume series of books about America's national parks. They have just completed a 12-day trip through Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and Zion national parks.



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