Interesting Laws Passed in 2013 Session

Apr 8, 2013

With action by the governor on every bill passed in the 2013 session, some of the more interesting new laws are starting to stick out. There are always a few bills that get lobbyists and lawmakers rolling their eyes, and this year is no different.

Credit Creative Commons

For example, a bill signed into law describes Ale-8-One as "an original" Kentucky soft drink. We also now have a law honoring Winchester as the birthplace of beer cheese.Another law re-classifies a handful of Kentucky cities as larger than they really are.Thanks to Kentucky lawmakers, someone in a family trust or small business can now bid for items at an auction outside of those entities--just in case you have a nasty family dispute over grandma's dishes.And lastly, there's a law that lets people hunt coyotes anytime, any place, with shotguns. Kentuckians can now rest assured that they can legally bag as many of animals as they want.