High Ranking Democrats Rally For Conway in State's Capital City

May 20, 2015

Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

The state's most prominent democrats are rallying behind Jack Conway for Kentucky governor.  That sentiment was expressed during a Frankfort gathering Tuesday night, just minutes after the polls closed.

Conway says he's been chomping at the bit to begin a gubernatorial campaign against one GOP opponent.  The state attorney general told supporters the key issue is jobs, jobs, and good paying jobs.  Conway says he remains ready to go up against Washington republicans and democrats on the issue of coal.  "I'm proud to be the only democratic attorney general in the country, who is suing the EPA and trying to stop their job killing coal regulations ladies and gentlemen," said Conway.

The democratic nominee for Kentucky governor could become the first democrat from Louisville in more than a half century to serve in the state's highest office.  Conway understands some consider a candidate from the state's largest city a tough sell in rural Kentucky.  "I mean a lot of people like to say to me 'hey Jack, you're from Louisville' and I'm like yeah I am, but I'm also one generation removed from a family farm in Union County and that's where my dad grew up,” Conway said.  “I'm someone who's been good on sportsman issues.  I saved the tobacco payment and got $57 million additional dollars into agricultural diversification in this state."

Conway maintains the top priority in the race for governor is creating jobs and training workers for the jobs of the future.  Conway said he says he looks forward to debating the issues leading up to the general election.​