Health Department Plans First Mosquito Spray Of The Summer

Jul 8, 2019


Lexington Health Department crews plan to spray for mosquitos this week. It would be the first spraying of this summer season.

Fayette Health Department Environmental Supervisor Luke Mathias said pre-dawn spraying is scheduled Wednesday in the Russell Cave Road area.  He said more than 30 mosquitos were trapped in the area last week, which triggers spraying.  Mathias says mosquito spraying could occur in other parts of Lexington. “I would say that’s probably likely.  We would hope not, but it kind of goes hand in hand with our weather,” said Mathias

The health department environmentalist says sporadic rains create better conditions for breeding mosquitos.  To reduce mosquito populations, Mathias says standing water needs to be dumped out.

Mathias says previous health concerns involving the Zika virus have lessened somewhat.  “We were concerned there for a while.  It doesn’t appear that fortunately that the activity occurred like we were afraid might with the Zika.  It’s still a concern of course, but West Nile that’s a disease that’s shown itself to be present in our area,” noted Mathias. 

Mathias says typically there are one to two West Nile cases in the Fayette County area each year.

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