Health Advocates Urge Prompt Filing For Medically Frail Designation

Dec 3, 2018

Health advocates are encouraging people who may not be able to fulfill new work requirements to maintain their Medicaid coverage to apply for a medically frail designation.

Marcie Timmerman is executive director of Mental Health America of Kentucky. She says next year Kentucky will require people receiving Medicaid to work, volunteer, or go to school 80 hours a month.

But she says people who are too ill to make that commitment should talk to their doctor or health care provider and fill out a form to be considered medically frail. 

“We have had very, varied time frames so anyone who might qualify, we would suggest they go through that process as soon as possible.”

Timmerman said the designation is for people who are too ill to work who have not yet been determined to be disabled.  Any health provider can fill out the paperwork and submit it to the state which will make the decision on the medically frail status.

If the designation is approved, Timmerman said,  “it will exempt them from any harm that may come to them from the 1115 waiver, that Kentucky health waiver, the penalties that come with that if you are unable to work, go to school or volunteer to meet the community engagement requirement they will lose coverage so that is a threat. If someone is unable to do that we want to make sure that they get their medically frail in.”

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