Gray Calls for Action on Assault Weapon Legislation

Jun 15, 2016


U. S. Senate candidate Jim Gray says Congress should be doing more to prevent terrorist-related gun violence.  The Democratic challenger held a news briefing outside Senator Rand Paul’s Lexington office Wednesday. 

Gray told reporters he thinks people are distressed over continuing to see the headlines like they saw and heard on Sunday morning.  “We need to be doing something,” said Gray.

Gray backs what he called the “terrorist gun loophole legislation” which he says would prevent those on terrorist watch lists from purchasing assault weapons.   He claims it would not interfere with personal gun rights.  “We must do what we can while preserving the Second Amendment and honoring the Second Amendment, and supporting the second amendment,” said Gray, reinforcing his premise that we must do what we can to prevent terrorism.

A statement from Senator Rand Paul’s office says the senator voted in December to make sure no terrorist can buy guns in the U.S.  Paul says that legislation prevented the Obama administration from drawing up a secret list of Americans who, through no judicial process, are stripped of their rights. ​