Governor Delivers His Budget Speech Tuesday

Jan 15, 2018


Gov. Matt Bevin will deliver his state of the commonwealth and budget address tomorrow evening, presenting how he thinks the state should spend its money over the next two years. Bevin has hinted at major cuts to set aside more money for the state’s pension systems. 

Bevin administration officials say Kentucky needs an additional $700 million for the pension systems, meaning pensions would take up about 20 percent of state spending. 

During an interview on KET, Bevin said some parts of state government would be spared from cuts, including education, infrastructure, law enforcement and taking care of the most vulnerable.  “Everything else is extraneous. Some of it should be done and could be done by government, perhaps. Some of it could and should be privatized. These are the things that we have to wrestle with,” said Bevin. 

Bevin said cabinet officials would be in charge of administering the cuts and finding entire sections of government to scale back. 
The state legislature is ultimately in charge of writing and approving a budget, but the governor’s address signals the beginning of the process.