Governor Creates New Claims Commission

Aug 9, 2016



Governor Matt Bevin has issued an executive order that will consolidate three separate claims boards into a single administrative body. The Governor hopes the new organization will be both more efficient and more cost effective.

The new agency, called the Kentucky Claims Commission, will handle crime victim compensation, tax appeals, and negligence claims against the state.

The restructuring will save the government an estimated $350,000 dollars. According to Public Protection Cabinet spokesman Doug Hogan, these savings will go toward reducing a $2 million dollar payment backlog. “In some cases, we have pending cases from 2013 with crime victims. We want to try and make a dent in that backlog and actually reduce it down to zero.”

The payments will go toward victims of crime, and healthcare providers who conducted examinations for signs of sexual assault.

The new commission goes into effect October 1st.