Governor Bevin Addresses Investment Summit

Jun 20, 2017


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin believes workforce development, apprenticeship programs, and dual-credit initiatives are keys to attracting new business to states. 

The governor appeared on a panel Monday as part of the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington. 

Bevin told participants that awarding more college degrees isn’t the only way to grow state economies.

“This idea that everyone needs to go straight to a four-year college is something that I think we have done to our disadvantage in America.  I won’t talk about that a lot, but we need people who are trained to work in the 21st century, not just to have degrees and high expectations,” said Bevin.

Bevin says his administration includes people with an understanding about cutting red tape. 

“The people that I have hired into my administration intentionally come from the business community, because we don’t need more bureaucrats and people who are good at creating regulation,” noted Bevin.  “I want people who understand what it’s like to suffer underneath regulation that doesn’t necessarily need to be there.”

Select USA promotes foreign direct investment in the United States.  Last year, more than 2500 participated in the summit from 70 markets and 52 states and territories.