Governor Beshear Talks Economic Development in Asia This Week

Apr 15, 2015


Governor Beshear is in the midst of an economic development trip, visiting three Asian countries.  He and his team are meeting with company and country officials in Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan.  Cabinet for Economic Development Spokesman Joe Hall says the governor may not come back home with an expansion or new plant announcement in hand.  "A lot of times these are forming relationships and discussing initial opportunities or even exploring opportunities,” said Hall.  “Usually these trips do pay dividends. It just might not be right when he gets back."

Hall says more than 170 Asian owned facilities are already found in Kentucky.  "That bond is already there.  However, there is more opportunity,” he said.  “These economies are growing quickly.  These are some of the biggest businesses in the world and when they want to expand, we want them to consider Kentucky."

Last year, almost a third of all capital investments and a fifth of new jobs in manufacturing, service, and technology industries in Kentucky came from foreign owned enterprises. ​