Governor Beshear Says State Prepared for What Bitter Cold Brings

Feb 18, 2015


In many areas of the state, Kentuckians are dealing with a foot of snow and preparing for artic like conditions.  Governor Beshear says preparations for emergency response are in place.

Governor Beshear has signed two executive orders this week. One gives the attorney general the authority to investigate any price gouging, and the other gives pharmacists the power to refill maintenance medications. Beshear says if necessary, the National Guard is ready.  "The national guard is standing by, even today.  If we need them, we can call them up.  So, we're on alert.  We're gonna be very watchful and we're prepared and that's the main thing to be prepared in these kind of things," said Beshear.

Fortunately, power outages have not been a widespread issue.

The sizeable snow along with dangerously low temperatures can create additional stress for those with ongoing health issues.  With that in mind, Governor Beshear says he's signed an executive order empowering pharmacists to refill certain medications.  "You know your heart medicine or your diabetes medicine.  You know, things that people need to maintain their health and if they can't get to the doctor to get a refill prescription written, then the pharmacists have been empowered by my order to go ahead and fill that on an emergency basis," added Beshear.

The governor says this order would not pertain to controlled substances.  Beshear says he is also authorizing the attorney general's office to investigate and, if need be, prosecute any price gouging during this weather period.