Gov. Bevin Announces Pay Hike for Ky. Juvenile Justice Workers

Mar 10, 2017


Credit Stu Johnson

Hundreds of workers at Kentucky’s juvenile detention facilities will soon see a 20 percent hike in pay.  Governor Matt Bevin made the announcement Thursday at the Fayette Regional Juvenile Detention Center. 

The governor said the roughly $2 million dollars to cover pay raises comes from a number of state departments.

 He said taxpayers “have a responsibility to do right” by the workers.The largest salary increase will go to some 460 entry-level workers.  Others working in juvenile detention facilities will also see higher pay. 

Because of employee turnover rates that exceed 100 percent, Justice Secretary John Tilley said it costs the taxpayer more to pay less when it comes to youth worker salaries. 

“During the period of 2016 I believe we had 180 departures and 150 hires.  Unless my math isn’t that good, it seems to me again that’s what I would call more than a 100 percent turnover,” he said.


The hourly rate for the entry youth workers is expected to go from just over $11 to just over $13 dollars next month.  Other juvenile detention workers will see pay increases as well.  Juvenile Justice Commissioner Carey Cockerell said there are about 1,200 juveniles housed in facilities across the state.