GOP Dominates Fancy Farm 2016

Aug 6, 2016


Democrats were heavily outnumbered onstage this year at Fancy Farm, which used to be dominated by the party. Republicans also made up most of the audience, taking a victory lap after a big year politically. 

Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear declined his invitation to Fancy Farm this year. Former Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear wasn’t in attendance either.

During his speech, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin pounced on the opportunity. “Do we really miss papa bear and baby bear up here, spewing their anger?”

A state trooper then delivered a prop “summons” to Bevin, who joked he was being sued by the attorney general for improperly quoting nursery rhymes. The two have locked horns in a string of lawsuits dealing with the scope of the governor’s powers.

After the speeches, Bevin said this year’s festivities were “less nasty and personal” because fewer Democrats were in attendance.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo, a Democrat from Prestonsburg, boycotted the event, saying he disapproved that organizers selected Republican operative Scott Jennings as the emcee.