GoodGiving Challenge Promotes Ky Non-Profits

Nov 30, 2016

Credit Bluegrass Community Foundation


Dozens of Kentucky non-profits kicked off the GoodGiving Challenge with a pep rally Tuesday at Cheapside in Lexington.

GoodGiving Challenge Manager Laurie Preston said the emphasis this year for the on-line fundraising is focused as much on people as cash.

“The idea is we want people to learn more about these fantastic organizations,” Preston said. The challenge is in its sixth year and 120 charities from across the state took part this year. It runs through Dec. 31.

The goal is raising money but also raising the awareness of the diverse work done by volunteer organizations. Director Lane Boldman said organizations not only need money but time.

“A lot of people who work for non-profits don’t make a whole lot of money and a lot of volunteers are needed to get this work done," said Boldman.

Boyle County Holland Farm day-training program participated for the first time this year.  The group helps adults with intellectual and development disabilities. Holland Farm Services Coordinator Abigail Overstreet said the first year of operation has included a garden project.  She said it’s a "learn as you go and grow as you go" program.

The GoodGiving Challenge raised $5.5 million in its first five years. Seventy-five percent of the non-profits in the Good Giving Challenge are based in Fayette County. The rest are in Eastern and Central Kentucky.