Free Waste Disposal This Weekend in Fayette County

Jul 13, 2018

file photo

Fayette County residents without government garbage collection have a chance to unload some of their bulky trash Saturday.  

Environmental Outreach Specialist Lauren Monahan says big items like mattresses and rimless tires can be brought to the Bluegrass Regional Transfer Station on Old Frankfort Pike. “This is a great opportunity for those who may live outside the urban service boundary, for example, to help clean up their property, bring some of that waste in and we don’t require payment that day,” said Monahan.

Waste Management Deputy Director John Howard says the bulky items, and all of Fayette County’s garbage, ultimately goes to a landfill just north of Georgetown. 

And the waste management official expects that to continue for years to come.  Fayette County’s old landfill in Avon closed in 2011. Howard says it will be monitored for another 23 years with no plans to reopen.  “We maintain the permit for that facility, just to keep it in mothballs.  There’s no reason to reopen it when we can transfer it.  Landfill space is pretty plentiful in Kentucky and the cost per ton for disposal is fairly cheap in relation to other states and surrounding areas,” noted Howard.

The free disposal event runs from 6 a.m. until 1 p.m Saturday.  More information about what is and is not accepted at