Fort Campbell to Lose More than 2,000 Soldiers

Nov 21, 2014


Fort Campbell is bracing for the loss of more than 2,400 soldiers.  Commanders at the southern Kentucky military base say the loss of the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade will have an effect both on and off the installation.  Christian County Chamber of Commerce Spokeswoman Katie Lopez says it's difficult to determine the full impact just yet.  "There's always going to be issues that come up, so you know, we've heard about this before, but it's one of those things where you hear bad news but you don't want to believe it,” says Lopez.  “We hope for the best and plan for the worst, so we are prepared to help our military families."

Fort Campbell commanders say the most recognizable revenue loses could be felt in the real estate, auto sales, and retail-grocery industries.  Lopez says a jobs fair is scheduled for February.  "We're gonna make sure that we provide the testing and resources for them to secure employment if that's necessary," added Lopez.

In his statement, Governor Beshear said, "Once again, the Department of Defense has turned to Kentucky to bear an unreasonably heavy burden in military reductions."