Former Council Member Gorton Easily Garners the Most Votes in Mayoral Primary

May 23, 2018

Credit Stu Johnson

Former Lexington Council Member Linda Gorton was the clear cut winner in yesterday’s mayoral Primary Election.  Gorton and former Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin will now compete in the fall for the top government job.

Gorton’s supporters showed their appreciation as she stepped down from the podium after her victory speech last night.

The retired nurse believes voters knew how she operated as a government representative, based on her 16 years on the city council including time a vice mayor.  Gorton garnered 44% of the vote compared to 25% for second place finisher Bastin.  But, she doesn’t think that means she’s a clear cut likely winner in the general election.

“People can change their minds.  New people can vote, who didn’t vote in the Primary.  I mean it’s all unpredictable.”

Gorton added though, she was honored that many people voted for her.  She said she didn’t expect that kind of result.