Feedback: Thanks for Carrying On During Winter Storm

Mar 10, 2014

You may remember what the weather was like at this time last Monday.  Well, listener Patty of Mt. Sterling posted a nice note on Facebook, “Thank you WEKU for all your great broadcasting everyday.

I am especially grateful for you all that came out in this blizzardy weather this morning (Monday) and are carrying on while the rest of us are in our cozy homes avoiding traffic and the elements. I rely on you more than I let you all know, and just want you to know you are appreciated.”

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We’re continuing to get increased traffic in the Disqus area beneath news stories on our website.  For example, our story headlined, “Concealed Carry for Domestic Violence Victims Approved by Ky. House” received an online comment from a listener identifying as Leadfoot320, “I agree training is important! But give them the right to protect themselves right away ! Tell them they must get trained within 60 days. I had to go to training (after having guns for 40 years) to get my permit. I'm too old to fight, too slow to run, therefore I carry!”

And this message on the comment line will take a bit of research, "Hey, on your morning announcement you put on a thing about Bucks for Bright Ideas dot org. When you go on that thing, it give you a bunch of Go Daddy websites about dating and meeting people and all that junk.  So you guys might want to look on that thing and see what you're promoting."

We’re not at all sure what the caller is talking about but perhaps it was an underwriter from NPR  Otherwise, maybe he heard it on some other station.  If anyone has an idea, let us know, please.

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