Feedback: Temps in Weather Forecasts, Holiday Shows Scheduled

Nov 23, 2015

Here’s an email we received from listener, Andrea, “I love getting my news and features from WEKU and NPR. I’ve noticed that when the local announcer gives the weather during station breaks many times the forecast is given but not the current temperature." 

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Andrea continues, "Especially in the morning, I’m really interested in the current temperature. I realize you have a wide listening area so the temps will vary but listeners realize that the temp you would give is the one currently in Richmond. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

And, every year we get requests for information about our lineup of holiday programming. Just so you know, our entire schedule of such shows is now on the website at www.weku.ef.  The first of the official holiday shows air during this Thanksgiving week and they continue programs such as those commemorating Hanukkah as well as Christmas, Kwanza and the New Year’s holiday.

And don’t forget that there are holiday shows that air on both our WEKU news stations and Classic 102.1.

You’ll find a link to the holiday shows for the next month and a half through New Year’s Day when you visit

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