Feedback on Tech 'Glitches' Plus Kudos

Jun 5, 2017

We didn’t air Feedback last week due to the holiday so here are a couple of messages that came in from mid-May forward.

Anonymous female: “I’m a fairly faithful listener calling from Frankfort, Kentucky. I listen to WEKU in the morning as I’m getting ready for work and driving to work and in the evenings as I’m coming home.”

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She continues, “Both morning and evening, I notice that when WEKU’s programming is local, that is not coming from NPR, it is constantly being broken up by static.”

Anonymous male: “I do know, and maybe this will help isolate it, it occurs only when you’re on “live” mic, never on recording or network.“

The good news, friends is that we believe we have fixed the technical problem that was causing regular drop-outs in our signal on 88.9 in Central Kentucky.  There were actually two issues which we think have now been resolved.  Please let us know if you hear any more problems.

Meanwhile, I can’t pass up an opportunity to let you hear this comment from Lee from Lexington, “When compared to a nearby consortium of public radio stations, Roger and John manage twice as many transmitters over twice as many frequencies over ten times the area, with half the staff and half the budget and definitely any more in the way of glitches.

Lee concludes, “We’re awfully lucky, folks.”

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