Feedback on Promoting 'Deviant Lifestyle,' Biased News, Unfortunate Scheduling of Feedback

Jun 26, 2017

We begin with an email from listener Edward. He writes, "Allow me to specify exactly why WEKU-FM will not ever get any donation from me. I used to subscribe regularly, but then WEKU-FM abandoned all pretense at balanced broadcasting."  

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Edward elaborates further, "  1.  There used to be classical music.  Alas .. no mas.  Oh, there is some occasional attempt from a weenie, wimpy, flea-powered transmitter west of Lexington. And, it is fraught with engineering problems.

2.  Then WEKU-FM has become the Royal Apologist for anything and everything that caters to LGBTQABCXYZ, etc etc et al. 

For such a miniscule portion of society, WEKU-FM goes out of its way to present every kind of apologetics to foster, encourage, promote a deviant lifestyle, and I am just heartily sick and tired of it.

3.  Attempts at broadcasting real, factual news is non-existent. All the Talking Heads are blatantly biased, and I am again .. heartily sick and tired of it.

Count me as one absolutely willing to cut-off totally all governmental funding for helping to continue such ultra-leftist diatribe.

You may quote me word-for-word, or not at all.  Thanks to FB and Tweets.

And here’s a call from listener Nicole, who tells us she admires the fact that we're willing to air a variety of comments, including those that are most scathing.  "I would love it if I didn't have to hear it at 5:30 pm after a long day (garbled sound) during my business hours and I don't want to do that when I'm on my way home, clearing my head and getting ready for the rest of my night."

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